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Betting Systems - MobManager

1.69 usd

MobManager is a betting calculator that will help you to place the right amount to each bet and to maximize your profit. It is based on Kelly Criterion betting system, but it is adjusted to sports betting. This betting system is designed to increase your bankroll very fast when you are in a good run and protects you from bad runs.A good betting system is the biggest weapon against the bookmaker. Stop placing random amounts of bets and start betting with strategy and calculate your bets with MobManager!Why MobManager?MobManager quarantees you very big profit if you win 2.1% - 5% more games than the bookmaker expects. For example if you start with 100$, play 1000 games with odds at 2.00 and you win 550 of them you will have more than 11000$. Not 1100$... 11000$!! In the same time if you flat bet 10$ on every game you will have only around 1000$. Not 10000$ but only 1000$. That' s why mobmanager is the best betting system! It is not magic... It is mathematics!